Refurbished BeoLab Penta MK3 (wireless)

The Penta series is about 23 years old, but possibly still the best speakers ever made.

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Refurbished BeoLab Penta MK3 (wireless)
Refurbished BeoLab Penta MK3 (wireless)

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    The Penta loudspeaker range - made up of Beolab Penta active speakers and the Beovox Penta passive speakers - had, as the name suggests, five-sides to their cabinets. The Beolab Penta stood 1,65m tall and was designed in such a way that any internal sound waves from within the loudspeaker’s polished stainless steel cabinets would be dramatically reduced as there were no parallel surfaces. The same principle was adhered to with BeoLab 8000 and 6000 although their cabinets were rounded. The sound principle used was said to be ‘acoustically ‘dead’. The cabinet design of the Penta was very innovative and moved totally away from the square wooden boxes of old. And because the speakers were columnar, their footprint took up very little space in the room.  Also, as the cabinets were manufactured from a soft-brushed stainless steel, the tall speakers seemed to blend into their room environment so much better than if they had been manufactured from a darker, non-reflective material. The Penta range was the first group of speakers to use the reflective qualities of either stainless steel or aluminium in this way.

    The Beolab Penta was the first Bang & Olufsen loudspeaker to have its own integrated amplifier.  Up to that point in time amplifiers had always been built into music systems which powered passive speakers through connected leads.  However, with Beolab Penta the principle was entirely different . The cables were still there, but this time these ‘Power Link‘ connector leads (Beolab Penta II and III) received data from the music system telling the built-in speaker amplifiers just how they should perform.

    More Information
    Model BeoLab Penta MK3
    Color Aluminium
    Length (in cm) 22
    Height (in cm) 165
    Depth (in cm) 34
    Loudspeaker Type Front, Rear, Stereo
    Active Loudspeaker Ja
    Newprice 5500
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