BeoVision 7

BeoVision 7

Everything about this LCD TV gives the impression of quality: from its glass-finished, high-gloss black screen frame through to its anodised aluminium outer trim. A range of stand options in a good range of colours ensured that the TV complemented a home environment suitably well.  And with a choice of speakers, an individual TV could be created - a bespoke receiver, waiting to do its owner’s bidding from the included Beo4remote control handset.

A personal choice of matching speaker was waiting to be made, from a three-way stereo version, the smaller BeoLab 7-1 or the longer BeoLab 7-2, or the monophonic centre-speaker BeoLab 7-4 for inclusion within a home cinema set-up.

Underneath the screen was its inbuilt DVD player which slid gently open out of its bulge, ready to take a DVD or CD. There was even a light built into the tray to help the user in a darkened room.

Available stands for BeoVision 7 included a table stand, fixed wall bracket for TV and loudspeaker, motorised table stand and a motorised floor stand, as well as a  moveable wall bracket for TV and loudspeaker.

On its special stands BeoVision 7 tilted and turned to suit a wide variety of viewing position and the motorised table and floor stands turned the set through an arc of 70°at the touch of a button.

BeoVision 7 was delivered as standard  with a Dolby Digital/DTS Surround Sound module, MasterLinkmodule, Set-Top Box Controller for satellite reception and control, RF Modulator, an Anti-Reflex Coated Contrast Screen and DVI PC input.

With a choice of 32″ and 40″ versions the BeoVision 7 was a very desirable TV which offered mix-and-match components and offred excellent sound and vision possibilities. The 40″ version incorporated BeoSystem 3, an advanced digital surround sound processor and was full High Definition. VisionClear technology monitored the surrounding light levels and adjusted the brightness and contrast of the set accordingly.

David Lewis
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  1. Refurbished BeoVision 7-40 MK 5

    This edition of the BeoVision comes equipped with the very best 2D screen the series has ever known

    Learn More

    As low as €2,495.00

  2. Refurbished BeoVision 7-40 MK 4

    This edition of the BeoVision 7 comes equipped with a 200Hz, Full-HD flatscreen

    Learn More

    As low as €1,495.00

  3. Refurbished BeoVision 7-40 MK 3 in nieuwstaat

    A Full-HD flatscreen with built-in DVD player. Blu-Ray player optional.

    Learn More

    As low as €1,295.00

  4. Refurbished BeoVision 7-40 MK 2

    The angle of view of this amazing HD-Ready flatscreen goes up to 85 degrees!

    Learn More

    As low as €595.00

  5. Refurbished BeoVision 7-32 MK 3
    A Full-HD, LCD Flatscreen with built-in DVD functions Learn More

    As low as €495.00

  6. Refurbished BeoVision 7-32 MK 4

    A Bang & Olufsen icon with a Full-HD (1080p) screen and built-in DVD player.

    Learn More

    As low as €995.00

  7. Refurbished BeoVision 7-32 MK 6

    A Bang & Olufsen icon with a Full-HD (1080p) screen and built-in DVD-player.

    Learn More

    As low as €1,995.00

  8. Refurbished BeoVision 7-55 (showroom)
    A Full-HD, 3D LED flatscreen with built-in Blue-Ray.
    Price including BeoLab 7.6 centre speaker and floor stand Learn More

    From €2,999.00

    To €5,594.00

8 Items

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