BeoVision 9

BeoVision 9

Beovision 9 replaced the BeoVision 5 in a similarly-styled cabinet.  Whereas the BeoVision 5 was a 42″ plasma TV, this new version was a full eight inches wider and features VisionClear as is normal with the company’s luxury sets, on its full-resolution 1920 x 1080 screen, surrounded by an (almost) square diamond cut frame.

As one would expect from Bang & Oufsen, audio is not an afterthought, featuring a2 + NICAM Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1/6.1 eX, Dolby 7.1 eX, Dolby Pro Logic ll/llx, Dts 5.1. Dts es 6.1, and DTS neo:6. The built-in Acoustic Lens Technology mono centre 250W speaker - powered by a Bang & Olufsen ICEpower amplifier - was located beneath the screen and could be enhanced by adding BeoLab speakers to make a true home cinema set-up.  Up to ten BeoLab speakers could be connected in the arrangement.  The ALT technology (Acoustic Lens Technology) delivered a unique 180 degrees horizontal dispersion which maintained a constant tonal balance in all locations, both from direct and reflected sound. Another exclusive feature was the Adaptative Bass Control (ABC). At the press of a button the speaker measured the acoustic properties of the room and adapted its performance accordingly.

Hidden compartments within the cabinet can held options like a BeoMedia 1 for digital media needs and a digital television receiver. The cabinet also doubled as a motorised floor stand which remembered favourite viewing angles.

BeoVision 9 had a total of four HDMI inputs plus 6 x CVBs, 2 x y/C, 2 x RGB, 2 x component, 1 x VGA, 6 x L/R, and 5 x sPDiF (Coax) and 1 DVI-D output for powering a projector. It was also fitted with an ethernet connection.

As well as integrated access to Internet radio, digital music, photos and the World Wide Web, other manufacturers’ set-top boxes could be connected. In addition, the TV automatically adjusted the brightness and contrast in relation to the ambient light of the room in which it was situated using a dedicated sensor. The user could navigate the TV guide, music and photo files, control the sound volume, orient the display around its axis from the recommended Beo5 remote control terminal.

David Lewis
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  1. Refurbished BeoVision 9 MK 2 (showroommodel)
    The BeoVision 9 MK2 comes equipped with a Full-HD flatscreen, and a built-in centrespeaker producing up to 250 watts! Learn More

    As low as €4,995.00

  2. Refurbished BeoVision 9
    The BeoVision 9 MK1 comes equipped with a HD-Ready flatscreen, and a built-in BeoLab 7.1 centrespeaker Learn More

    As low as €1,995.00

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